Sunday, 11 May 2014

So here it is. . .

. . . Jon Renes' Blog and my first post.

I had never previously considered setting up a blog until recently when ocTEL highlighted this as a communication, discussion, and posting tool for the Technology Enhanced Learning e-course I am currently doing.

I might as well try to use this blog now that I've set it up though however at this fledgling stage I cannot guarantee that my posts (other than ocTEL ones in the immediate term) will be regular and/or interesting.

You never know though, so here's hoping. . . .


  1. Hi Jon,
    assuming a fellow Aussie in this #ocTEL2014 MOOC.
    Well done, you have encouraged me to set up a blog, as I have a wordpress account and will use it in a similar way.

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for your post and well done taking the #ocTEL 2014 'blog plunge' - as blog virgins lets you and me stick together eh?!!

      Mate, a good guess re me being Aussie however I'm a Kiwi - I won't hold the fact that you're an Aussie against you though!!

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this years MOOC. . .


  2. Hi Jon and well done on setting up your first blog! You have taken the hardest step, so we look forward to your thoughts about the course. Writing blog posts make you automatically reflect on the course contents and that will be of interest to others who are taking the same course. There are no right or wrong answers, just your thoughts on how some of the ideas may or may not work in your context. Seeing the comment above proves you have already had an impact on another participant by motivating them to also set up a blog - so well done for that :)

    Good luck with the course - I hope it is useful to you and we look forward to your future posts.

    Sue Folley (ocTEL support tutor)

  3. Hi Sue

    Thanks for your comments - I particularly like your point about writing leading to reflection.

    Looking forward to expanding my horizons. . .