Monday, 12 May 2014

Reflections on #ocTEL Week 0 and Week 1

What a week of firsts - and its only Tuesday!
Over the weekend I 'participated' in my first ever webinar watching Week 1 on YouTube.
Yesterday I set up and posted on my first ever blog (and when I logged in this morning was greeted by 2 replies).
And earlier today I viewed the webinar from Week 0 on Blackboard Collaborate.
Thus far things have certainly felt very back-to-front however I was heartened by a comment, from David I think, saying that there was "no such thing as being behind" and that we should work at our "own pace" - thank goodness for that!
The content from the 2 webinar's has been interesting and thought provoking however the thing that has interested and intrigued me the most is how amazing the Blackboard Collaborate program is.
I'd never heard of Blackboard Collaborate before today and I'm amazed at the tools that are 'out there' to help us with all manner of tasks - learning included.
Another Week 0 webinar comment that encouraged me was "find your feet and look around" - from the brief look around I have had to date I do feel like I'm finding my feet and as such very much look forward to having my eyes opened more! 


  1. Jon - like you i have felt behind already, but it is nice in some ways to work at your own pace. I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to go about interacting with the course just what works best for you.

    We use bloackboard collaborate at UWE a lot and it really is a powerful and engaging tool.

    1. Thanks for your comment Russell.

      Working at my own pace with no right or wrong way to do things is contrary (as it is for most of us I'm sure) to my ingrained attitude and approach to such things however I'm slowly becoming more confident with the 'style' of #ocTEL.

  2. Glad that you are settling in to ocTEL. Yes, there's a lot here!

    Hopefully you'll keep finding new tools to try out and make connections with others on the course, who will become part of your personal learning network for the future.